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Quick & Basic Electricity and Troubleshooting

Carol Fey on Electricity, Controls & Troubleshooting

"Carol has a wonderful talent for painting word pictures. I wish these books had been around 18 years ago when I began my own in-house training programs."
--Alan Levi, Appleseed Business Consulting, and former heating contractor

What About The Pig?

P.I.G. Pig, the Pig Lady

What's the pig about?  When Carol first started teaching electricity, she wanted to make it absolutely clear that this isn't the usual electricity class or book. What better way to signal that to big gruff plumbers and heating guys than a pink, toy pig. So Carol starts the electricity book and each class and with the question: "What does a basic electrical circuit have in common with a pink toy pig?" She hopes someone will growl, Nuthin'," because that's the beginning of participating! She gives that person a pig sticker as a reward (stick it anywhere you want!) and says, "This pig has an electrical circuit inside it that makes it go." She turns on the pig's switch, and continues, "I'll bet you've had electricity classes before and already know the three parts of this pig's circuit. What are they?"

After a number of classes she decided to stop using the pig. Right away someone complained, "Where's the pig? We heard there's a pig." So, after all these years, the pig still begins each class. And Carol has become known as "The Pig Lady."

The name P.I.G. Press represents two things. It stands for the Practical-Is-Good series of technical books, because technical training needs to be practical rather than just theoretical. And, in the spirit of the battery-powered pink plush toy pig, it honors the fact that we're often better learners when we lighten up and play a little.