Carol Fey

Quick & Basic Electricity - book, manual

Quick & Basic Hydronic Controls - book, manual

Quick & Basic Troubleshooting - book, manual

Quick & Basic House Wiring - book, manual

Quick & Basic Electricity and Troubleshooting - DVD

Carol Fey on Electricity, Controls & Troubleshooting - digital book, digital manual

"Finally…a book on basic electricity that is not only good, but easy and FUN as well!"

--Russ Williams, Customer Training Consultant, Honeywell


At any given time you can find Carol speaking at gatherings of electrical and HVAC professionals.  Her seminars cover such topics as  Quick & Basic Electricity, Quick & Basic Hydronic Controls, Quick & Basic Troubleshooting, Quick & Basic House Wiring, Gas Combustion Controls, and Indoor Air Quality.

If you would like to book Carol to speak with your group, please contact us  via our web site, or call us at 303-795-9350.

Carol Fey, lecturer, provides seminars as well as writing books

Carol Fey writes Quick & Basic books to teach basic electricity, including wiring, circuits, switches, troubleshooting and more. Her books also cover HVAC -- heating and air conditioning equipment and controls, as well as hydronics. Carol's books are enjoyed by a wide range of people, including technicians around the US and Canada. Carol also teaches classes and provides hands-on training. She teaches electricity, wiring, and HVAC troubleshooting.

Electricity training, hydronic controls training, troubleshooting HVAC training, wiring training -- all easy, for your contracting business or organization.

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