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"This is a great book and most important, fun to read. It gives a clear explanation of what's on "Sparky's" side of the switch. This, like Carol's other books, presents a complex topic in a clear and digestible bite."

--Dale Watterson, Senior Training Specialist, Madison Gas and Electric

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Carol Fey, author of books on basic electricity and troubleshootingCarol Fey & Associates, Inc. and P.I.G. Press were founded in 2000 with the publication of the book Quick & Basic Electricity. Carol had already been teaching electricity classes to plumbing and heating contractors.

Other books soon followed: Quick & Basic Hydronic Controls, Quick & Basic Troubleshooting, and Quick & Basic House Wiring. In the first five years, over 10,000 books were sold, primarily to plumbing and heating professional contractors.

Carol teaches live classes in basic electricity and controls. She specializes in teaching what a contractor needs to know, and--as importantly--nothing that he or she doesn't need. She has a reputation for her playful and energetic style, and is known as "The Pig Lady" because she uses a battery-powered pink plush pig to teach electrical circuits.

Recently Carol has worked in Antarctica as a heating mechanic  and as an emergency communicaton operator.

Carol writes for a number of magazines.  Her topics include HVAC troubleshooting, hydronics systems and controls, and work in Antarctica.   Five years of her monthly columns for Plumbing & Mechanical (PM) Magazine are available on this website as the ebook Quick & Basic Electricity & Troubleshooting. Find a selection of these articles in our  Library.

Carol Fey is a degreed (M.A. and M.Ed.) technical trainer, troubleshooter, and author with over 25 years in the controls industry. She has also worked as a heating mechanic in Antarctica. She has been honored as National Technical Trainer of the Year by the American Society for Training and Development.