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Quick & Basic Electricity

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Quick & Basic House Wiring

Quick & Basic Electricity and Troubleshooting

Carol Fey on Electricity, Controls & Troubleshooting

I loved Carol Fey's first book, “Quick & Basic Electricity” but she really knocked me out with this one. Her writing is incredibly visual, her analogies are better than ever, and her plain-English explanations of hydronic controls are exactly what this industry has needed for years. She keeps getting better and better. Read this book!
--Dan Holohan, author of “Pumping Away” and “Hydronic Radiant Heating”
Quick & Basic House Wiring- easy training manual

This quick and fun book tells you:

  • What the wiring looks like inside your walls
  • Why your house is wired in parallel, not in series
  • Why a 2-wire cable has three wires and a 3-wire cable has four wires
  • Why the switches at the bottom and top of a stairway are called 3-way when there are only two of them
  • That every circuit is made of of a power supply, switch, and load.
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Quick & Basic House Wiring

Quick & Basic House Wiring