Carol Fey, PIG Press, Quick & Basic books on basic electricity

Quick & Basic Hydronic Controls - book, manual
Quick & Basic Troubleshooting - book, manual
Quick & Basic Electricity and Troubleshooting - DVD

Quick & Basic Electricity - book, manual
Quick & Basic House Wiring - book, manual
Carol Fey on Electricity, Controls & Troubleshooting - digital book, digital manual


Learning basic electricity should be easy and fun.  The “Quick & Basic” books tell you everything you need to know
to wire and troubleshoot heating and air conditioning equipment and controls, and just about nothing that you don’t need.  That means there’s no math. 
But there are simple explanations of how to wire circuits, how to use a meter and wiring diagrams to troubleshoot, how to understand controls, and even how to
wire 3-way and 4-way switches.  Order the books, DVD or ebook by clicking on their pictures.

Carol offers classes in electricity and troubleshooting.  They are always entertaining and very hands-on, geared for the HVAC field technician
and the plumber who does hydronics.  Everyone learns, and no one sleeps!  She’ll even come to your location.

Strangely enough, Carol has been a heating mechanic in Antarctica.  She learned enough to do that by being a Honeywell controls rep for many years. 
That made her the last resort when no one knew how to get a furnace or boiler running. 
She loves to share the information that she learned the hard way, so read her books, look for her magazine articles, or have her come teach a class!

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